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Expert Gallstone and Gallbladder Disease Treatment in Sydney

Gall stone disease

What is Gallbladder disease?

The gallbladder may get affected by either benign or cancerous disease (this is treated by liver surgeons). The benign disease is often due to stones causing pain, inflammation, or blockage.

Polyps are another cause of Gallbladder disease. Although most are benign in nature, they are risk factors for cancer, especially when they are large or multiple.

Risk factors for Gallstones:

Females in the reproductive age group, weight loss (e.g., after bariatric surgery) and certain infections of the gall bladder or biliary system.

These stones may fall out of the gallbladder and enter the biliary system causing blockage or infection of the biliary system and inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

When to seek surgical help?

Patients should seek surgical advice if they encounter any of these symptoms.

Common symptoms:

Pain (mostly in the upper abdomen on the right-hand side) after eating a fatty or large meal.

Associated symptoms:

Fever, chills and rigour, nausea, vomiting and jaundice.
What is the management of Gallstones?

Investigations required are mainly to confirm the presence of Gallstones and any complications caused by them

Abdominal ultrasound: This can show inflammation and stones in the gall bladder, and the status of the biliary system and the liver.

MRCP: This is an MRI scan of the biliary system which is performed to confirm the presence of stones in the biliary system if needed.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: This is a keyhole operation performed under general anaesthesia to remove the gallbladder along with the stones.

ERCP: Specialised endoscopy, which is sometimes used to remove stones from the biliary system.
What to expect following the operation?
Return to light duties is possible within a week, although heavy lifting is recommended to be avoided for 4-6 weeks.
Commonly patients stay overnight following the operation when performed in an elective setting. Healthy patients could go home the same day if appropriate social help is available.

Patients are often able to eat all varieties of food after surgery.

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