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Bariatric Surgery Webinar

The bariatric surgery webinar by Dr Manju aims to provide you with the starting point in your journey to gain a healthy weight. This webinar is directed at the patients who could benefit the most from our Bariatric Surgery Program.

The webinar runs for 45-60 mins once a month (first Wednesday of the month usually) and consists of 2 sections. The first section would be a presentation by Dr Manju (this could include a brief presentation by one of our allied health specialists) covering various topics related to bariatrics ranging from the effects of obesity on general health to current guidelines that patients and GPs could take advantage of, to various surgical options available including a brief overview of their individual advantages and potential complications. The second section is where patients could take maximum advantage of by asking any questions that you may have related to either the presentation or weight-related concerns or any elements of our Bariatric Surgery Program

These two sections would endeavour to cover these topics and more

    • Obesity and its significance
    • Heath effects including cancer risk from obesity
    • New international guidelines for obesity surgery
    • Various surgical options, their mechanism and potential complications
    • Our Bariatric Surgical Program
    • Patient’s journey from initial consultation to long term follow up
    • Links to various commonly asked questions with answers (in video format) for your perusal at your leisure

Please email to express interest in attending