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Image of Dr Manjunath Upper GI Surgeon Sydney NSW

Dr Manju is a consultant Oesophago-Gastric, Bariatric and General surgeon. He graduated from Mysore University, South India and undertook surgical training in UK and Australia. His public appointment is at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital.

He then undertook 3 years of sub-speciality training in Oesophago-Gastric, pancreatic and metabolic surgery (bariatric) including a senior fellowship at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, a high volume Resection centre with a particular interest in cancer and Hiatal surgeries.

He has a strong focus on research and surgical education. In the process, he has led many projects resulting in publications and two masters. He has been associated with various Universities during his training, which he continues to date, where he has been involved in teaching medical students, and allied health staff, and as an examiner. He is a RACS instructor on ASSET and CCrISP courses. He is also currently an external teacher, supervisor for Master’s students, and examiner for MSurgEd at the University of Melbourne.

He is thorough, precise, honest and empathetic in his approach to patients’ concerns and pathology. Treating patients in the same way he expects his family to be treated by any specialist, he offers personalised treatment that suits patients the best. He has a great reputation that he has carried all throughout his training with regard to his communication. He is an active listener with undivided attention and an ability to explain complex surgical management without the usage of medical jargon.

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