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Expert Barrett’s Oesophagus Treatment in Sydney and South-Western Sydney

What is Barrett’s oesophagus (BE)?

  • Barrett’s oesophagus is a precancerous condition where cells lining the inside of the oesophagus has been replaced by different cell type. This is called Barrett’s metaplasia. Worsening acid reflux is the most common factor that leads to the development of BE.

What is the significance of Barrett’s oesophagus?

  • Patients with BE are 50 times more likely to develop cancer of the oesophagus. So, this condition needs lifelong surveillance and strict control of acid reflux.
  • The lifetime risk of developing oesophageal cancer in patients with BE is 0.5% but when the cells start to change further (dysplasia), this risk goes to as high as 40%.

When to seek surgical help?

  • A certain group of individuals are at higher risk of developing BE. These patients will need gastroscopy and surveillance if diagnosed.
  • Risk factors for developing BE: All risk factors for GORD are risk factors for BE. Obesity, smoking, Helicobacter pylori infection, hiatus hernia, diseases and medications that slow down stomach emptying (e.g., diabetes) and certain foods such as chocolate, caffeine and carbonated drinks
    Risk factors: Having BE can put some people at higher risk of developing cancer. Male Caucasians over the age of 45 years, obese, heavy smokers, a longer segment of BE and BE that has been present for over 10 years.


What is the management and follow-up of BE?

  • Control of reflux and lifelong regular endoscopic surveillance.
  • Control of reflux includes antiacid medications (PPI) and/ or surgery (fundoplication).
  • Regular surveillance is needed to detect any changes in cell type, such as progression to dysplasia, which can increase the chance of developing cancer.
  • Once dysplasia is identified, the choice of treatment includes endoscopy to remove the affected inner lining of the oesophagus and/or surgical treatment if a part of the oesophagus needs to be excised.

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